iPhone hype: the good and the bad

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For some weeks now, I have been reading up about iPhone shortage in the US and British stores. Prior to this was the news about iPhone offering promotional discounts to drain stocks in the UK. All this was supposed to be a precursor to the rumoured 3G iPhone, meant to be released in June this year. Apparently, both 8GB and 16GB versions are listed as “currently unavailable” at the Apple Store website.

You know a brand has become a cult when there are cartoons galore about it. It is the equivalent of your ad being spoofed. But it has its downsides too. This constant media attention and hype makes as many enemies as fans. One tends to get sick of all the hype and even if the product lives up to its promise, there is a feeling of disappointment? I have always wondered about the online media’s obsession with anything Apple – how much of it is engineered by Apple and how much simply a matter of demand-supply? The visibility is perhaps one reason why some people hate Apple and would love to see it fail. I am sure there will be hype around the expected iPhone launch in India – but will it generate the same kind of love & hate? Include me for the former.

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