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There is a new video doing the viral rounds about the ‘process’ of a client brief, the design presentations and the iterations thereafter. If you are a designer freelancing for clients or an ad exec in an Agency, you will roll in the aisles with laughter. It is likely to be ‘laughter of recognition’! But if you are a client, this is likely to get your goat. There is a tendency in us agency folks to stereotype all clients. The reverse is also true.

Talking of ‘lighten up the pantone scale’ and other such gems, a website collected what they claim were actual conversations between client and agency. Some gems:

#406- “I’m not sure what the client wants, so let’s try and do something the client will buy.”
(Agency, Senior Account Executive to Copywriter)

#392- “Adapt concept to billboard, 40 feet by 60 feet. For presentation, please make actual-sized mock-up”
(Agency, Job order of young Account Manager to Art Director)

#383- “It needs to EXPLODE off the page! It needs FIREWORKS and COLOR! LOTS of colors! And exclamation points! Be creative. I could have done what you sent me on my own computer. The 14pt type is so small. I mean, you guys are the experts…”
(Hospital client, reacting to a double-truck newspaper ad celebrating being chosen ´Reader’s Choice´ for hospitals in a conference call to the AE, CD, AD and CW)

Any gems you have come across? Any take on the video? Do comment.

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  1. (AE and client discussing about a Poster.)
    AE – “So what excatly are you looking for?I mean, what do you have in mind..?Any direction..?”
    Client – “What direction.. I need glamour..Give me glamour. You guys are the experts,dont use simple words that I can think of.”

    “Increase the logo by 10% and yes, shift it by 15% towards the north-west corner of the layout”
    (Client to AE)

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