Another winner from Vodafone

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The new Vodafone ad for Call Conference – this one is sure to top the popularity charts – like most of the recent Vodafone ads. What works? Anticipation. Curiosity. Realism. Up until the last frame, when the penny drops you have a vague idea of the feature but not sure. The object of this conference call is also the clincher. It reminds us all of the days when we struggled with our ties and ended up in knots. Brilliant. And the casting – it is so unlike a ‘model-model’ if you know what I mean – it connects superbly.

And what was that about branding? So many of us agonize over branding – usually linked to how many times the brand name is mentioned or shown. Any doubts about this ad’s strong branding? Kudos to Vodafone India and O&M.


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  1. Absolutely..!!Hats off to the guys at Vodafone & O&M for coming up with such good stuff every single time…

  2. It is no doubt a very good spot- obvious when it comes from Hutch oops sorry Vodafone factory.. Given the budgets , no doubt by default the ad alias branding is registered. This is definitley not the case for brands which do not have money hence the need for strong branding. Well the battle continues….

  3. Thanks Amrita, Biju. I don’t think the memorability of the ad has got anything to do with budgets. You don’t need to outspend competition, just outwit them is what the founder of Trikaya used to say. Then all big budget brands should have great memorability. I don’t think that’s the case. In fact the smaller the idea the louder you need to shout…

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