Eurostar #wheninParis: integrated stories are waiting, surely

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A lot has changed in advertising & marketing over the last few years. Pundits will tell you about the marketer losing ‘control’ of the messaging and how the technology-enabled, digital consumer has changed the face of advertising as we know it. Yet some fundamental truths about advertising haven’t changed. It is in many ways what Howard Gossage said in the 1950s: ‘Nobody reads ads. People read what interest them, and sometimes it’s an ad’. Similarly, today’s consumer interacts with brand message that interests them…that give them something in return for the trouble they took to interact with a brand message. And at the heart of it all is an advertising idea that is relevant and evokes a reaction in the consumer: makes her feel good, take an action, nod in agreement etc. I was reminded of this when I saw the latest advert from Eurostar, UK.

Agency: AMV BBDO

I thought it brilliantly captured a typical traveler’s feeling about travel in general and Paris in particular. As the YouTube description says: every trip you take is a story waiting to be told. Discover the inspiring, quirky and downright bizarre side of the Paris we know and love. What’s more, the #wheninparis hashtag effortlessly integrates the communication idea with Twitter – the medium of choice for many an opinion maker when it comes to sharing such stuff. #wheninparis has the potential to be creative, quirky or simply share a personal experience of Paris through words, images and video across platforms.

Maybe is a TVC; #wheninparis is an integrated idea.

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