What is a great digital creative brief

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Julian Cole, Strategy Director at BBH conducted a 3-week online course on Digital Strategy in October ’12 on Skillshare. The course covered four key skills necessary for a Digital Strategist – Insights Mining, Communication Planning, Digital Media/Influencer Analysis and KPIs/Measurement.  A presentation from that course, ‘What is a great digital creative brief?‘ is now available on Slideshare.

I loved the way popular new media campaigns were used to explain Insights, Single Minded Proposition and Reason to Believe. Even more useful was the communication framework. If you are in an advertising or Digital agency, go download and imbibe. Not only was the presentation useful, it is an example of how to promote good content,  how good content goes viral and creating personal brands in new media.
photo credit: cheesy42 via photopin cc
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