Fake IPL Player: some fun off the cricket field

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The Fake IPL Player’s blog is great fun. Each post gets tonnes of (deserving) comments – today’s post on the ‘big match’ has over 200 comments already. Whoever is behind this blog has hit upon a brilliant idea – albeit inspired by the now-defunct Fake Steve Jobs blog. Fake Steve Jobs was written by an ex-Fortune staffer Dan Lyons and the blurb ‘Dude, I invented the friggin iPhone. Have you heard of it?’ summed up the attitude nicely. Speculation is rife as to who is actually the author of this blog – is it an insider, an ex-player, a journalist (the writing skills are obvious) or it could be just another blogger who is not even in SA right now. It could very well be an ‘official’ PR gimmick – it can’t be ruled out – given the success and fan following Fake Steve Jobs had. The humour is evident in the nicknames given:

Vinnie Dildo/ Badsaah Dildo – Shah Rukh Khan
Kishen Kanhaiyya – Ravi Shastri
Lord Almighty – Ganguly
Sheikh of Tweak – Shane Warne
Bevdaa – Jessie Ryder
Big Sister – Shilpa Shetty
Calypso King – Gayle
Mr. Batlivala – Mallya
Prince Charles of Patiala – Yuvraj Singh
Little Monster – Sachin
Pedophile Priest – Gilchrist
Little John – Ishant Sharma
Kaan Moolo – Agarkar
Appam Chutiya – Sreesanth
Phoren babas – McCullum & Buchanan
RDB – Ranadeb Bose
Mira Bhai – Harbhajan Singh
Sandy Baddy Babe – Mandira Bedi

About John Buchanan, he writes: “I think he wants to send his laptop in to bat the next time, given the amount of time he spends with it. Maybe if he spent half that time with us players, we may win a match or two. He reserves the most acerbic comments for Appam Sreesanth: ‘Appam has this uncanny ability to piss off anyone who’s unfortunate enough to come within 2 kms of him’.

Let’s see how this spans out in the next one month. My bet is on this concept being the brain child of some media manager or PR expert from the team. Good to see non-traditional media being used to create excitement around the event. What say?

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  1. It”s one of the biggest ideas in recent times…even if it was inspired by the Fake Steve Jobs site! The guy behind it is a genius (might be more than one guy i suspect)!!!!!! I think his true identity will remain hidden forever.

    Any guesses……?

    Can’t be Lalit Modi….can’t talk to save his life. Can’t be SRK…..too full of himself….can’t be Preity…..too busy being pretty…can’t be shilpa shetty….she’s just too dumb…..can’t be mandira bedi………..too busy adjusting her speghetti straps…… who the efffffff is the fake IPL player??????

  2. the buzz created after it was covered by some newspaper. seems like PR effort by some official team’s agency.

  3. who is he??????? we don’t know but one thing is true that he really given headache to SRK if he is a team member. is he like a fan of ganguly?
    may be he is fake to gain popularity by SRK team.

  4. I think who is behind it is the Knight Riders and Shahrukh Khan himself. Look at how this minor Google blog was just started and yet with a very short time was in newspaper articles worldwide like here in the UK. It’s not a normal Google blog…there are millions and millions of those and no one notices 99% of them. This was helped greatly to be noticed by the press. There is no such thing as bad publicity and it got a lot of attention for KKR and SRK. I don’t think he would mind being called Dildo either as look at his sexual jokes he makes all the time.

  5. Of Course it can not be Bubli..Big Sis or Mandi Babe (or even DON) as I heard a conversation when an umpire raised a finger up in Sky..

    Big Sis : O Its a SIX
    Mandi Babe : Fool Its FOUR
    Bubli : You two stupid Idiots : Cant he just ask for LOO !!
    DON : ahah ahah.. She is RIGHT

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