Tata Indicom says hello (again) to network quality

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The latest ads of Tata Indicom hark back to the quality of their network by creating dissonance about competing networks’ call quality. In a way, they are back to where they started from. The ads featuring Kajol attempted to switch competing consumers by promising better call quality. The ‘Suno dil ki awaz‘ campaign ensued and urged consumers to listen to their hearts, through several ads, including one featuring the Pathan brothers. The latest set of ads relegate ‘Suno Dil ki awaz’ to a blurb in the last frame and promote the Advanced Digital Network.

Ironically, despite the telecom category having come such a long way in India, generic benefits like call quality still need to be promoted. Years ago, when working on this category, call quality was a common brick to beat competition with. Leaning out of the window or holding the handset out of the window was a common reaction among consumers and I remember considering this as a device for ads. I guess, mouthing ‘hello’ repeatedly is also a common phenomenon and the ad brings it alive using humour. Works for you?

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  1. ya it works, the ad grabbed my attention immediately as I do hello hello hello everyday with my Airtel phone. I was impressed with the way tata indicom conveyed the message of its digital network. have heard about their good network from many friends, may buy one soon.

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