Mophie #StayPowerful: jaw-droppingly big scale Super Bowl ad

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Super Bowl ads are known to take ‘big scale, big production values’ route. They are designed to evoke that jaw dropping reaction and hence have repeat value and memorability. It’s not a new phenomenon – I guess Apple’s 1984 was designed to be that way. Over the years, aside from big scale, few other dimensions have come into play: cuteness quotient (through babies and animals), bizarre settings and story lines and zany humour. Occasionally, the ads have featured real ideas without resorting to any gimmickry – like this ad for BMW i3. Some ad campaigns have gone beyond just great execution and based on clever strategy – like the Newcastle ads.

In this context, the new ad for Mophie phone chargers resort to the ‘go big or go home’ strategy. The production values match slick Hollywood blockbusters and the story riveting.

Agency: Deutsch L.A

For many years, I used to screen the Super Bowl ads in my office, after the event. Almost always, the response was underwhelming. Save for one or two spots which were memorable rest were eminently forgettable, trying hard to make an impact or simply hoping to dazzle the viewer through technique or production values. While the Mophie ad is high on production values, it does tie in with an idea rooted in the product. It captures the essence of how smartphones users feel when their phone battery gives up on them. I liked. You?

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