Guardian owns the weekend: tongue in cheek

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Agency: BBH

This is brilliant stuff again from The Guardian and BBH. If last year’s ‘Open Journalism‘ dramatised how new media impacts journalism, this one is a pure plug for Guardian’s weekend supplement. The tongue-in-cheek approach, Hugh Grant as spokesperson and the deliberately over-the-top Hollywood style promo make for a riveting package. As the PR blurb says:

The weekend wouldn’t be the weekend without the Saturday Guardian and the Observer. Our papers give you so much to read, and so much to do that we’ve trademarked the best part of the week. Seriously. We now own the weekend. The whole weekend. All 48 hours of it.

There’s ‘marketing’ in everything around us and cause for both concern and derision. But we all tend to accept it and move on. Even among those who accept and follow the T20 version of cricket, ‘re-branding’ the sixer as ‘DLF Maximum’ evoked derision & laughter. In that context, ‘owning the weekend’ drives home the point and the execution is delightful. Loved the elevator sequence. The campaign made my ‘Guardian & Observer Weekend’.

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