Axe Apollo: the out of the world promo, takes you to space

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Once in a while comes a promo idea which is unique and makes you sit up and take notice. It could be a small in shop promo with a great local cultural connect – like the ‘Phode ke dekho’ promotion Samsung did in India, way back in 2002. And then there are those jaw dropping, big, audacious ideas. The latest promotion for Axe Apollo, the deodorant, is one such.

They are giving consumers a chance to go to space. Yes, space, in a real space aircraft in collaboration with a space tourism company. The link to the product may be tangential, arising purely out of the brand name but it sure gets your attention. The campaign includes videos announcing the variant and one conveying how the prize works. The theme campaign is a clever link to the brand proposition of being irresistibly attractive to hot women.


[Click on the image above to play ad on YouTube].

The lateral connection between ‘space suit’ and ‘fireman’s suit’ and then linking it back to ‘attraction’ was clever.

The microsite, Axe Apollo, has more details and the mandatory wallpapers. The wallpapers aren’t just pictures of the product but a rendition of the proposition itself.

Axe 2 AXE_Caprio_WallPapers_1280x800_Jacuzzi_Axe

I like. I guess, Axe completely gave up on the subtle Susan Glenn idea and went back to the more in-your-face chick magnet approach. Any comments?


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  1. Living in the Playboy Mansion for a day or so would have been more in the “Masculine Attractiveness” space the AXE the brand has been built on…

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