Wrangler: a stunt for an idea

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If you’ve seen the ‘We are animals‘ campaign for Wrangler, the residual image is likely to be that of men & women in bizarre poses in the wild. So you’ve got to wonder when Wrangler says this about their new campaign:

Wrangler presents ‘Stunt’, the most action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled campaign yet in its exhilarating We Are Animals series.

‘Stunt’ features real life Hollywood stunt people performing truly fearsome stunts. The danger, the explosions and the sheer daredevilry are captured in stunning images by the outstanding US-based photographer Cass Bird, and crew.

Shot on the ‘New York’ streets of the legendary Paramount Studios in Los Angeles (a set used by Indiana Jones, Spiderman and The Godfather), the ‘Stunt’ campaign pushes Wrangler’s thrill-loving brand persona to the max, and tests the limits of what is possible in advertising.

Mountain Dew is action packed and adrenalin-fuelled. Not Wrangler. Having said that, like with previous campaigns, this too will get talked about.

Agency: Fred & Farid. Via: I Believe in Advertising

More of the falling through glass and fire here. You like? Do comment in.

Update: the link between doing daring acts and the need to wear the ‘appropriate’ brand is clear. But do they really have to produce a truck loads of ads?

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  1. Arresting, no doubt. But just felt that 'We are animals' in a 'civilised' world could have been interpreted as animal behaviour in a concrete jungle. A glimpse of a lean mean guy in a dark alley. A woman coming out of a dimly lit subway. Or maybe I am missing the point altogether.

  2. Yes yes why not? Next they will crash planes into buildings for attention. But if it works, it's fine and as long as no animals were hurt.

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