Pro Infirmis: Get Closer – changing attitudes

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As far as Public Service ads go, I believe ‘a call for action’ works a lot better than an attempt to change perceptions, habits & attitudes. A majority of the PSAs are of the latter kind – urging you to change habits like texting & driving. The effectiveness depends largely on how powerful the messaging is, like the Australian campaign against drunken driving: while it doesn’t have a call for action (like calling a helpline or making a donation), the message drives home clearly.

A recent ad for Pro Infirmis is making the rounds of ad blogs. The ad urges you to ‘get closer’ with ‘handicapped’ people as they are a regular part of the society.

Agency: Jung von Matt

The ad worked for me simply because the transformation from a happy feeling at the beginning of the ad (it brought a smile to my face) to one of sadness towards the end was so stark, it moved me. It reminded me of prejudices we all carry. Did it work for you?

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  1. Jung von Matt: It worked for me. I have spent my life not judging people for what their limitations are or what the look like, often at my own expense. And yet the video prods me to do yet more. Congratulations. Thank you for creating this.

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