A bear hug for Canal+

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‘Let’s make a viral video’. That’s something several agencies and clients set out to do, when discussing digital marketing ideas. However, that can hardly be an objective when it comes to YouTube video simply because a video is made to go viral by consumers. The view counts, likes and pass-along value usually determine if the video has gone viral. So it should ideally be ‘let’s make a great video, hope it goes viral’. Some ingredients that make a video (especially ads) go viral are: a well told story, unexpectedness, humour & visual hooks that ensure repeat value.

All of it is amply present in abundance in this new TVC for Canal+, a French premium pay television channel.

Agency: BETC EuroRSCG

Almost as good a lateral thinking and story telling as the ‘closet’ spot, which clocked nearly a million views on YouTube. Will this go viral too? Even if it doesn’t here’s a bear hug.

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  1. All successful virals not only make the products or brands they were made for look cool, they also make the people who share them look cool and intelligent. That's the secret of success !!!!

  2. Paris cougar Reply

    I love this video! Canal + is always making the best commercial and programs imo. This is my favorite channel!

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