Müller’s ‘Wünderful Stuff’: Knight Rider meets Yogi Bear meets fun

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Müller, the UK-based dairy brand has been a subject of my fascination for some time now. They have taken a basic product like yogurt and infused fun into it. Also, the way they have managed their brand extensions and product offerings across different target groups, usage occasions is interesting. A new TV commercial with a campaign theme of Wünderful Stuff is doing the rounds of ad blogs.

Agency: TBWA/London

The idea of a robot turning everything into lovable cartoon characters (and thus creating mood transformation, I guess) is not exactly new. But the ad is riveting thanks to some mind-blowing CGI. And as we know from the movies, you can’t go wrong with feel-good stuff. Wünderful.

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  1. I agree, the CG work is very nice and the ad looks great, BUT the 2D animation is really poor. With such a big budget, you'd like to see some good 2D work. Admittedly the Mr. Men were never classic 2D animation, but in this ad they could have been, but Yogi and Muttley look almost like poor Flash cut-out animation in some of the scenes. Good traditional, classical drawn animators still exist – I'm one of them. If you want 2D, give it to me.

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