Subtle stories in print ads

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Since I grew up in advertising when Print was King (God, I am old) I get thrilled when I come across great print ads in the ad blogs. Of late, there have been a spate of minimal print ads that attempt to tell a story. They vary in subtlety – ranging from the difficult to ‘get’ to those that bring a smile, albeit after the penny drops. Here goes:

An ad promoting the effectiveness of Bayer’s CDR (Calcium-D-Redoxon) from JWT, Jakarta:


This one uses the time-tested route of laddering the benefit to an extreme end. The ad is for a brand of gourmet salad and the laddering is that ‘it is so good that you will forget meat’ leading to animals living longer. A bit stretched?


This one follows a similar route – a gum so big that mum’s end up cutting a huge mop of hair from their son’s hair (where they usually get stuck – gums, not mums):


This one takes a while to figure out but quite straight forward in terms of benefit. If you missed the idea, look at the right side of the picture:


I didn’t ‘get’ this one at first glance. Neither at the second. The tag line says: From 0 to 100 in 7.3 seconds. Now go figure.


Which one worked for you? I wonder if these ads get published in mainline dailies abroad or in the Gomantak Times equivalent?

Via Inspiration Room Daily, I Believe in Advertising

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