Twinings Gets You Back to You: extraordinary stuff

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There are several TV spots that are merely glorified radio spots – conversations captured on camera. The assumption is that viewers will follow the audio and get the message – without any visual hook the risk is huge. A new TVC for Twinings, UK caught my eye in this context.

Agency: AMV BBDO

The animation style is riveting to say the least. And quite like some of the great Pixar movies, its proof that animation can be moving too. The film holds your attention till the end and when the protagonist ‘unites’ with herself the tagline ‘Gets you back to you’ has that much more meaning – the ‘penny drop’ moment is powerful. According to the brand website:

We’ve created this really quite extraordinary piece of animated advertising to metaphorically explain the hectic lives that women today lead, and how taking just 10 minutes out each day to reconnect with yourself can have such an impact on the rest of your day.

Digging a bit on the web, I found that “Wherever You Will Go” is a song by The Calling released on the first single of their debut album Camino Palmero. Charlene Soraia covered the song for use in a Twinings tea advert in the UK, with her version being released onto the UK iTunes store. Wow, an ad jingle going on for release on iTunes? That’s great.

What I also liked is the interpretation of the campaign idea on the web. A ‘How to take 10‘ tab on the brand website has useful tips to ‘Relax, Recharge and Refresh’. The Relax section for example has tips on Speedy Pilates (downloadable as pdf), information on how tea bags can double up as eye masks and so on.

Loved the great use of audio and video in the TVC, the world-class execution and the smart use of the campaign idea on the web. You like?

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