Knorr – Flavor of Home: all the ingredients of a viral hit

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What makes a brand content go viral? While Google has some helpful answers marketers would agree that it is not as easy as following a step-by-step process. There is still an intangible element – a magic involved. Having said that, marketers and agencies are following a pattern, which is both a good and bad thing. The pattern I am talking about is this: brands have come to believe that the best way to get consumers talking about you is to produce great content – be it an ad, a Tweet or Facebook post. And if that content is based on a brand action (beyond just a claim) then even better. And the action must be relevant, unique and find a fit with the brand’s core messaging. A new film for Knorr scores on all these fronts.

The best part about the film is that it is based on a real, powerful insight:

At Knorr, our purpose is to bring flavour to people’s lives. We believe flavour is more than just about food, it is about emotions, life’s meaningful moments and loved ones, and of course the delicious food we enjoy with them. Flavour has the power to transport us, make us feel special, nostalgic and fill our heart with love. So flavour is amazing, but what is the greatest flavour on earth? Our film captures the true story of a mother and daughter, and reveals that the greatest flavour on earth is in fact the taste of home.

Agency: DLKW Lowe

What I liked about it was that the role of the brand was not force-fitted into the situation. It wasn’t about a meal cooked with Knorr which made the moment special – it was home cooked food. The benefit to Knorr is just by association – of being linked to flavours and great memories.

The potential downside of such acts: marketers and agencies could believe that such surprise acts and secrets filming which usually feature emotional people, crying their guts out is the secret to viral hits. If only.

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