New Frooti: striking visual language

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Noticed the new Frooti creatives via a billboard recently and thought it was striking. Even in that fleeting medium the visual and the branding was clutter-breaking. First rule of advertising passed.

“If no-one notices your advertising, everything else is academic”
~ Bill Bernbach

I was curious to find out more. Turns out that NYC based design agency Sagmeister & Walsh – a firm specialising in ‘identities, commercials, websites, apps, films, books and objects for clients’ created the print, TV and other creatives. The new packaging design was created by Pentagram of London. The work has generated quite a buzz across advertising and design focused sites.

My view on the overall work is that it is highly noticeable and showcases the new design very well. The thinking behind the creative route is sound too: “The idea we came up with is to create a miniature world using tiny scaled models of vehicles, people and plant life. Only the Frooti packaging and mangos were kept in real life scale. This allowed the packaging and the mango to appear as the hero of the shots while allowing us to tell stories and add moments of humor. We introduced four bold colors to the brand which complement the yellow of Indian mango and add a sense of playfulness across the imagery.”

New Frooti



Agency: Sagmeister & Walsh. See more of the work here.

The film has a quirky jingle and makes mango, which is closely associated with the brand, the hero. However, I couldn’t help think that perhaps an element of story telling and emotion was missing in film. Maybe because I knew that it was a design agency which created the film and not a conventional or legacy ad agency. Nevertheless, for the task at hand of introducing the new packaging the campaign is striking. What say?

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