The edible cookbook – design as buzz creation

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By now, you must have read about the world’s first edible cookbook. A German design agency Korefe has created a cookbook that you can read, bake and eat.

In these days of information overload, it has the ‘sit-up-and-take-notice-of-me’ tone to it. And given our penchant for sharing through multiple channels [I noticed several of my friends ‘liking’ this on Facebook’] the word spreads far and wide. The Decoded campaign for Jay-Z & Bing by Droga 5 was one such idea that was jaw dropping – it wasn’t design based but the ‘design’ of the marketing campaign was mind blowing. ¬†And then there was the ‘Never Wasted‘ bag for Lee by Happy Creative. Or the waterproof watch showcased in innovative packaging display. These somehow made sense from a brand point of view and didn’t sound gimmicky. The edible cookbook, while showcasing the meticulous design sense of the agency, has a gimmicky, attention seeking tone to it. No?

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