Dominos Pizza Boxes: why we joined advertising

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No, don’t get me wrong. We didn’t join the business because agencies serve pizzas on working weekends. It’s because its in a way most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Let me explain: agency is either asked to create (or has thought of this on their own) packaging for pizza boxes. It could be seen as just another packaging job. But they created ‘Pizza Proverbs‘ – an online contest in the US. While all entries are displayed for voting, 8 of the chosen ones will get custom-designed pizza boxes with their lines on the cover, as memento.

Agency: CP+B Group. Via: The Dieline

For many of us in advertising, the joy of going beyond the brief and creating something that is fun, relevant and positively impacts a brand is an unmatched high. Sometimes, it involves thinking out of the box, literally.


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  1. what a gem, Mr bhatt. You're right-those are the reasons why we joined advertising. And now look at us;->

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