Seen and noted: Subzero Ice Cream

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Early on in my career I heard that advertising greats like Chris D’Rosario and Alok Nanda would make it a point to study all the category advertising – simply to avoid doing exactly what competition is doing. In several categories, there are the unwritten ‘category codes’ – there must be drool factor in food packaging & advertising, for example. Sometimes you can’t tell one brand from the other in a category – be it in advertising or on the shelves.

I came across this packaging exercise for Subzero Ice Cream, which completely breaks away from traditional category codes for ice cream packaging.

Via: The Dieline

According to Bluegg,

Mr Creemy, a legendary Welsh ice cream maker needed to rebrand following a dispute over its trademark. It was decided that a whole new direction was needed, time had moved on, Mr Creemy hadn’t. We needed a design style and packaging system that would attract a new, younger, more affluent audience, stand off the shelf amongst its competitors and assert itself as a major contender in the local ice cream isle.

I guess ‘more affluent audience’ coupled with UK being an advanced, sophisticated audience allows for such bold steps. The result is quite stunning though.

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  1. I love.

    I can so see mummies and ajjis buying this and then keeping sugar/salt/NASA items with the "what a lowely dabba, why to throw it no?"


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