Audi ‘Clowns’, Godiva, Audible and more: creative ideas of the week

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Every day we come across hundreds of commercial messages. Only a few of them are noticed and remembered. Here are a handful which caught my the week ending September 29th, 2017.

Audi UK: Clowns

I love ads which convey a clear consumer benefit based on a strong product feature, packaged through a compelling visual story based on a strong consumer insight. Isn’t that what good advertising is all about? Here’s an ad for Audi UK, focusing on the intuitive technology built into the car which anticipated the unexpected situations on the road. It is based on an universal truth – there are all kinds of drivers out there on the road. The creative idea is to dramatise them as clowns as the ad shows how not to pay a price for mistakes made by them.

Agency: BBH

The idea reminded me of India’s Ceat tyre ads which showcase some of the kinds of pedestrians and drivers we encounter, with great writing being the hallmark of that series.

Toyota RAV4: features

Here’s another campaign where each ad focuses on a specific product feature. Of the lot, I loved this one dramatising the ‘benefits’ of heated seats.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Canada. See the full campaign here.

Godiva: Masterpieces

In the advertising business there are film directors and production companies who specialise in ‘food shots’. It makes a lot of business sense because food advertising as category places a premium on mouth-watering visuals. Such images don’t just look good – in combination with relevant music they trigger a craving. Here’s one from Godiva the legendary chocolate brand, called Masterpieces focusing on the signature shapes (Hazelnut Oyster, Ganache Heart, Caramel Lion) and delivering a film high on drool quotient. The effect of having a Godiva is brought alive through sensuous metaphors.

Agency: CHI&Partners

Clorox: clean matters

‘Clean is more than getting rid of dirt and germs’ says Clorox in this powerful new campaign. What I liked about is the fresh perspective offered in a category which has seen cliches of ‘before-after’ and split product windows. The proposition is: ‘Clean is just the beginningand then comes togetherness, family, mourning, pride, laughter, closure, sanctuary…what comes next is everything‘. The film captures moments which needs cleaning – like a poop-filled diaper in a raw manner without trying to be good-goody.

Agency: FCB

Ford: women driving

There was news of women being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Ford Middle East took advantage of the news in a tactical move through a tweet.

Adweek points out that the idea has been done before. Nevertheless a striking visual.

Among the others, I like this idea (more than the ad itself) for Audible: ‘”Life’s more interesting when you listen”.

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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