Hyundai Contract: marketing winner in the Super Bowl adfest

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Super Bowl 2009, like the previous games is more of an advertising event than a sporting event. The air time costs an arm & a leg (US$ 30million for a 30-second ad), the creatives outdo each other in terms of bizarre plots and production values. Among the ads released in yesterday’s event, this particular spot for Hyundai stood out. Not because of it’s laugh-out loud plot or jaw dropping visual effects: it promised a buy back of the car, in case you lose your income in the next year.

It may not score high on entertainment value, but it addresses a real fear among buyers (especially of high value products). Hyundai Assurance was announced in early Jan but people didn’t trust it because it was too good to be true, and that they were worried it would hurt their credit scores.

Closer home, consumer durables and car makers have turned to promotions & offers as an incentive for purchase. Any marketing lessons from this effort from Hyundai?

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