The Economist interprets the world again

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Saw a new hoarding for The Economist in Bangalore today. This one relies on typography as a visual device, coupled with an intriguing headline.

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The attempt seems to be create a show stopper of a headline but the execution is a far cry from the iconic ads created by AMV BBDO for the brand. For me, wit and charm of the classic headlines, some bordering on the disdainful, made the ads memorable. Apparently the India campaign has been successful in increasing the publication’s circulation here. The earlier campaign conveyed that the magazine goes beyond the obvious and this one continues with the ‘Interpret your world’ theme. The new hoarding’s execution has also been seen before in ads for language courses and such like. How do you interpret the new campaign?

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  1. It’s provocative. The iconic Economist work of old is beginning to tire I think. It’s difficult to keep going. This new direction goes straight to the heart of information that one wouldn’t expect to learn. Which is a more cogent point than the way they have tried to position themselves here because it’s me that is making sense of it. Not The Economist.

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