Best of #CannesLions: Reborn Apps for Organ Donation Foundation

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Among the various winners at the Cannes Lions, there are a few that stand out – they appeal to you in an instant and strike you as a great, relevant, idea that makes sense for the brand and is well executed. I thought I will write a series of posts on such winners. Here’s the first one:


The problem: in Belgium, over 300 people die in a year because they don’t get a new organ in time.

The solution: every major event has its own smartphone app nowadays. The app has no utility after the event is over. The event organisers were approached  and convinced to give their apps a ‘new life’ and find people who wanted to give their organs a second life. Hence, the Reborn App.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem, Antwerp

This won a Gold in the Mobile Lions at Cannes 2013.

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