Best of #CannesLions: Media Grand Prix winner – Dela Funeral Insurance

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Among the various winners at the Cannes Lions, there are a few that stand out – they appeal to you in an instant and strike you as a great, relevant, idea that makes sense for the brand and is well executed. I thought I will write a series of posts on such winners. Here’s the second one:


The opportunity: Funeral Insurance company DELA in Netherlands, believes in a dignified farewell for everyone, but above all in being there for each other. The opportunity they spotted was that we say the nicest things about someone after they have passed away. But why wait until its too late?

The idea: give people a chance to say something beautiful about their loved ones. The idea may sound too simplistic but the boldness was in the execution. Hidden cameras were placed for people to record messages and the footage was used in TV ads. Full page newspaper ads with just the word ‘Dear’ were taken out – people were invited to fill in the rest. The uploaded ads were used as local posters and billboards.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Amsterdam

The campaign won the Grand Prix in the Media Lions category. What I liked about it was the impact it created using largely traditional media in a manner that did not like paid advertising.

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