Best of #CannesLions 2013: TNT – We Know Drama

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Among the various winners at the Cannes Lions, there are a few that stand out – they appeal to you in an instant and strike you as a great, relevant, idea that makes sense for the brand and is well executed. I thought I will write a series of posts on such winners. Here’s the third one:

We all have seen the TNT videos that went viral on YouTube: the first one, ‘A dramatic surprise on a quiet square‘ has 45 million views as of date and the second one, ‘A dramatic surprise on a cold day‘ has clocked 11 million views till now. Both these stunts did a great job of bringing alive the proposition that ‘TNT knows drama’. The videos were riveting and share worthy. But how do you bring alive the proposition in a static medium? These print ads do a fantastic job:

tnt_weknowdrama_funeral_pressa2_aotw tnt_weknowdrama_monster_pressa2_aotw tnt_weknowdrama_wedding_pressa2_aotw TNT-Bear

Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem, Antwerp, Belgium

What works? The ads leave just a little bit for the viewer to imagine and ‘fill in the blanks’ in his head – the classic advertising principle. So much is said in a telegraphic manner with just three words and a visual. Nice.

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