R.M. Williams’ Maximum Jackman, Grin scooters and more: creative ads of the week

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Every week I attempt to share a compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads. Occasionally I comment on industry related issues too. This week’s creative picks include a hilarious spot for Australian shoe-maker R.M. Williams starring Hugh Jackman, a clever print ad for Grin scooter rentals and more.

R.M.Williams: Maximum Jackman

Maximum Effort, the creative agency started by Ryan Reynolds (‘We make films, TV and content for the personal amusement of Ryan Reynolds. We occasionally share them with the public’) has had a dream run of campaigns. A small unit, it has won accolades for the work on Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile. Along the way, I think they have shown traditional ad agencies that hardcore brand sell can be entertaining.

The latest is an advert for Australian shoe & accessories brand R.M. Williams which has craftsmanship as a key message. The boots are positioned as being extremely comfortable – so comfortable that Hugh Jackman prefers wearing only the boots & nothing else. The humorous touches are everywhere including the description over on YouTube. Loved the whole package.

It has come to the attention of R.M.Williams that a video of a private meeting between one of R.M.Williams’ senior executives and Hugh Jackman has made its way onto the Internet. R.M.Williams strongly supports our Global Boot Ambassador Hugh Jackman and we are very proud of our association with this truly undeniable character. Our beautiful and purposefully designed footwear is built using 80 hand-crafted processes to deliver superior comfort. Indeed, perhaps too much comfort. To be clear, R.M.Williams encourages all people – including Hugh Jackman – to wear clothes. Clothes have many amazing benefits from making the wearer look stylish to making meetings way less awkward.


Agency: Maximum Effort

Grin scooter rentals: Big things happen when you don’t have a car

A scooter rental brand in Peru has cleverly found a link to their service and famous companies which started off in a garage. ‘Replacing a car for an electric scooter leaves a free space for creativity… the garage’ is the argument. Guaranteed to bring a smile and make the brand likeable.

Agency: DDB, Peru. Via.

NY Series: all aboard

I liked this spot for NY Series lottery for three reasons: the distinct, hand-drawn illustration look across the TVC and collaterals, an underlying message of hope in these times of COVID-19 and celebrating ‘New York in autumn’ by integrating it into the proposition for a lottery brand.

Agency: McCann, New York

Colgate: Yimsu

A higher order benefit which fits in well with the category and can be linked to the leading brand is always welcome. According to Arisa Ruchirawat, Oral Care Marketing Director for Colgate-Palmolive:

Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles simply because Thais always smile, even in situations where a smile is hard to come by. At Colgate, we believe in a deeper meaning of a smile, as it can reflect one’s strength and courage to remain optimistic. Yimsu – Smile-Fight – is a turn of phrase in local Thai culture that we feel uniquely embodies our belief in the power of optimism


Agency: Ogilvy-RedFuse

HP: Work Better

In a category which is largely known for drab, specifications driven advertising comes a campaign which is anchored on a universal behaviour: ‘when it comes to work performance, many of us would rather stick with what we know, than risk something new.’ Our resistance to change can make us put up with obsolete ways argues this campaign for HP, from Germany. It presents a character, Markus who continues with his old ways of managing technology, resisting change: ‘In a year filled with change due to Covid-19, Markus’ journey acts as a metaphor for life; stay curious and open-minded, especially in the face of uncertainty.’ I liked the use of Instagram through stories and outdoor medium through striking visuals which dramatise the solutions.

See the 60-second ad here. Agency: AKQA

Smart: World’s SMARTest Radio Spot

A small-sized car meant for urban commute has triggered some compelling ads for SMART. The size of the car and the resultant benefits – can park anywhere, has resulted in some clever use of media space earlier too. The latest is use of radio by creating a short duration ad which featured in-between other car ads.

Agency: Publicis

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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