Smart car, smart media

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Brilliant use of outdoor space by Smart car. Brings out the product feature beautifully, but does it run the risk of NOT being noticed? The poster was at eye level but wonder how it looked in the real world…


Agency: Jung von Matt, Zurich, Art Director: Hisham Kharma, Copywriter: Sergio Penzo

Reminded me of the use of Outdoor by AKAI Television years ago in Mumbai. They simply chose those hoardings that were in-between renewals. They would typically put up the hoarding contractors contact details for 10-15 days, until the new design comes up. AKAI’s media agency negotiated with the contractors to put up the AKAI logo for that period. The result – AKAI seemed to take over the city. Goes to show that one need not outspend to outwit the competition.

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