6 top creative ads of the week: Alexa, #GoodAtLife, @MumbaiPolice and more

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Every week I attempt to share clutter breaking creative ads. As many pundits have pointed out, the real test of an ad is its noticeability. If it is not noticed, everything else – the strategy & creative process and media investments are just of academic interest. Here are a few picks from this week:

Alexa: What did we do before Alexa?

Most of the ads scheduled to appear during this year’s Super Bowl event seem painful to watch, much like it was years ago. Given the high cost of airing the ads, one would expect brands to avoid run of the mill creative. Some advertisers seem to swing to the other end of the pendulum by trying too hard to be entertaining – mostly with bizarre plots, massive production values and use of celebrities. In fact, over the years, the event is more of an advertising game played on social media. Among this year’s ads among the stand outs was this one for Alexa with a highly extendable idea: ‘what did we do before Alexa?’

Agency: Droga5, London

McDonald’s: famous orders

Celebrity endorsements are common in advertising and the reasons for brands to select this route are many. Among the many routes, celebrity as character is one. In a clever pre-game spot this Super Bowl, McDonald’s features the ‘typical orders’ of select celebrities at their outlets. Smart use of celebrity association without a paid endorsement. Loved it.

Agency: W+K

New York Life: Love Takes Action

It is said that effective ads make the reader or the viewer feel something emotionally, beyond just passing new information. A new ad for New York Life does the job for me as the ad conveys what the brand stands for – beyond just insurance products, by presenting the four types of love – with agápē – love as an action, being the highest order.

Agency: Anomaly

Mumbai Police: decibel meter

For years, agency, FCB Ulka used to craft a message pertaining to traffic safety at a designated outdoor site in Mumbai. Now, a group agency, FCB Interface has crafted an ingenious idea to inculcate some road manners by way of honking less (a perennial problem on Indian roads).

Agency: FCB Interface

Mint mobile: Announcemint

Taking advantage of the news around expensive Super Bowl ads on television, Ryan Reynolds-owned Mint Mobile took out a clever print ad announcing free give aways on the service.

As expected, the move is covered in all kinds of media – from tech to marketing giving millions of dollars worth of free publicity for the brand. To add to the fun, when a user asked if he’d buy another print ad with a picture of his pet dog, the actor obliged.

Coors Light: fresh climb

A fun beer ad which screams ‘don’t take me seriously’ and have a good laugh.

Agency: Havas, London

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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