Nike Better World: making advertising better

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The Nike Better World campaign has been doing the rounds of ad blogs, since Jan’11. What I liked about the campaign was the attempt to go beyond mere claims and provide ‘real’ proof. The center piece is a beautifully written TV spot made entirely of ‘recycled’ footage from earlier Nike ads. Brilliant.

The website provides information on several initiatives of Nike which make the world ‘better’: Each Nike 2010 World Championship Football jersey is made entirely from recycled polyester. That’s up to eight recycled plastic bottles per jerseyOver the next two years, Nike is partnering with the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development to install and refurbish 25 basketball courts throughout New York City giving 10,000 kids access to do what they love.

Some of the stories lead to either product sites dedicated project sites which provide more information.

Agency: W+K

Apparently the Nike Better World website is uses HTML 5 to create that cool, storyboard-like scrolling experience. Every element of the campaign (including the tweet generated after viewing the website) goes a long way in making advertising better too.

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