Sprint Swarm for Drive First App and visual engagement

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The other day there was a minor debate on Twitter about television ads and the need to utilise the visual medium well. It was in the context of my view that most ads on television are so heavily audio-skewed or dialogue -skewed (a bunch of characters talking for example) that they fail to use the medium to its advantage: the visual. Yes, audio is important and there have been many successful, effective ads with dialogues and sound as the high point. But when they come together to compliment each other is when the true potential of the medium is utilised.

Case in point, this new ad from Sprint, announcing their Drive First App (it automatically holds calls and texts while driving).  The distraction of texting & driving is a memorable, relevant visual device.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Another case in point about visual engagement, the Google Play ad. Your views?

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