Nescafe ‘Reminders’ and the question of branding

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This ad for Nescafe is doing the rounds of ad blogs of late. The proposition ‘Wake Up’, has a deeper meaning to it and could be interpreted as a call for ‘awakening’ (a la our ‘Jaago Re’ for Tata Tea). The creative expression tells a dream-like story of a young man reminding him of the things he failed to appreciate in life.

Agency: twofifteenmccann

When reacting to creative ideas, clients often worry about branding and ask why the ad holds true only for the brand (and not that of the competing brand). Though by ‘branding’ some clients refer to the number of times the brand name is mentioned in the ad, the underlying worry is of mis-attribution of the communication to a competing brand. Will ads like ‘Reminders’ pass muster in that context? Or iconic brands like Nescafe (often monopolistic in their category) transcend such worries?

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