Omax: ads that made the ads popular

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A campaign for Omax wide-angle lens created by Publicis India did the rounds of ad blogs recrntly. Undoubtedly, the ads are clever, funny and superbly executed.


The campaign made it to not just the ad blogs but tech blogs like Gizmodo and even CNET News. According to Adland, the ad was ‘inspired’ by an ad for Leica which had a similar idea. And both the ads didn’t make the cut at this year’s Cannes. Though I clearly remember seeing the campaign about 2 weeks ago, when I wanted to search for it, I first searched for Lumix wide angle lens. I have not seen the ad in Indian media and not sure if the ads were meant to sell the brand, but a search for ‘Omax Lens India’ on Google, lists 9 links to the ads and 1 link to an eBay item. That could be a function of Omax’s poor SEO efforts but is a good indicator of what the campaign sold.

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