IPL & integrating online models

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Did you all notice the link to Pulse Live, promoted on the live telecast of Indian Premier League? I think its an interesting tool to integrate television viewing with online models.

Pulse Live involves downloading an application, which is java based.


The cool thing about it is that its a live scorecard combined with a lot of trivia and user-generated ‘content’ of some sort. Users are presented trivia on the stadium and offered questions. In fact, after the first ball of the match where Sohail Tanvir had Parthiv Patel rapped on the pad, there was a question: ‘Was that out?’ Viewer ratings of polls are also displayed along with player trivia. You can also check the Leaderboard online; when I checked there were 230 people listed in the ranking. (Half hour after posting this, it had gone up to 450).

I guess the low broadband penetration in India would be a deterrent for such efforts. Something like this on the mobile may be more popular but the mobile screen and speeds have their limitations in India as of now.

As if there are aren’t enough distractions already, we now have a TV viewer addicted to two screens at a time and flitting between them.

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