Lloyds BanK, Coors and more: top creative ads of the week

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With many brands suspending regular ad campaigns, I have not had rich pickings with creative ads this week, unlike in the past. Nevertheless, breaking through the clutter to be noticed is the first criteria of effectiveness for any ad.

Lloyds Bank: Notes

Television and now by extension, web film, is an audio-visual medium. Some say that if an ad can effectively get through the message with the audio turned off, it is an optimal use of the medium. You will notice that with many TV ads it is more of a conversation between two characters. Even if the dialogue is riveting or hilarious if you miss it, you may miss the point of the ad. That’s not the case with this ad from Lloyds Bank, highlighting the need for supporting those suffering from mental health. The visual mnemonic of a Post-It stuck on the forehead draws attention to the issue at hand – simple and effective.

Agency: adam&eveDDB

Coors Light: clone machine

The lockdown period has evoked a diverse set of responses from brands. Some have chosen to go the PSA route by urging people to stay at home. Others have offered to provide utility value by making available activity kits or image backgrounds for video calls. Here’s a variant of the last variety from Coors Light which allows video conference attendees to leave the meeting without being ‘missed’. The trick: creating a video of oneself making all the gestures which are routinely part of such calls. The video can be played on loop and set as a background for video calls. A fun interpretation pretty much aligned with the category.

Sécurité Routière: speed limits

We are itching to be relieved of our lockdown status. Social media posts reveal the anxiety of people unable to adjust the inconvenience of being tied down at home. Many have expressed their desire to go on binge shopping, eating or just hit the road when the restrictions are lifted. A clever ad urging people to practice road safety and drive within limits links ‘speed’ with routine activities at home.

Agency: Serviceplan Group

Polestar: The Human Car

When brands are personified as human beings, some interesting possibilities emerge. In this ad for an electric car, Google Android Auto is portrayed as a travel companion to a kid. Though the thought of a kid being allowed to travel alone in such a vehicle made me uncomfortable, it is an interesting take.

Agency: Acne

Masterclass: Today’s the day

EduTech and online classes are all the rage nowadays thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. Masterclass is an online education platform where one can learn various subjects taught by domain experts. For example, ad veterans Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein teach advertising and creativity.

A new spot from the brand conveys the idea of learning diverse topics from the experts through some great writing for TV.

Agency: Anomaly

Nike: Living Room Cup

With sports tournaments taking a break and gyms shut, athletes are forced to work out indoors. In this context, Nike launched ‘Living Room Cup’, a workout challenge implemented on digital platforms. Users can compete against Nike pro athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo through weekly fitness challenges.

Agency: AKQA

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