Nirma underwater – floating a new idea

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Much debate over the new Nirma underwater commercial created by Taproot India. The debate seems to be about the breakaway from Nirma as it was known (brand name repeating jingle, in your face, mass appeal) to a more subtler expression. There is also some reference to an award winning ad for Ariston – both of which have similar looks & feel.

Nirma Washing Powder from Campaign India on Vimeo.

On the Ariston comparison, it just stops at both of them being set underwater. But that doesn’t mean its a copy. However, the Ariston ad had an idea linked to the size of the washing machine: so deep that you could mistake it for an under-sea experience for clothes. With Nirma, I don’t think there’s an idea.

It looks good and is a commendable effort to shift the tone of the brand. The ad scores on that parameter – it has a nice intriguing build up and looks good. But no brand idea or benefit is conveyed, so I don’t know what they are selling. Which is cool, since it hopefully builds a bridge to the brand’s transformation. And nowadays, mass brands do not need to resort to loud, crass advertising. Thanks to Hindi movies and some advertising, slickness and even under-statement is cool. Overall, I think consumers will like it. Do you?

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  1. With you on this. Current Nirma consumers will like it. Adds style and class. What I don’t know or can’t say is what the ad is saying or if it will sell more Nirmas. Especially with the packaging not changing at all (unless I am mistaken on this one)

  2. rhuturaj b nilegaonkar Reply

    The ad ressembles the waterworld ad of ariston aqualtis washing machines, which was a Cannes winner. though the idea is totally different, this ad is a big makeover for the nirma brand. the agency has continued the brand’s perception with the swirl girl and the strapline. it portrays the message of existence in the market with new looks and creation of high brand recall. i think they have done a great job for nirma. cheers to taproot……….

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