OnePlus-Hasselblad ad, Highkey and more: creative ads of the week

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Every week, I attempt to share a compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads and occasionally some commentary on the business of advertising. As many have noted, a majority of the ads out there go un-noticed, so managing to break the clutter is actually a big deal. This week’s compilation includes an ad from OnePlus to announce their partnership with Hasselblad, funny spot for Highkey low-sugar snacks and more.

OnePlus: LunarLand

The mobile handset market has several dynamics at play: the operating system of choice, ‘desirability quotient’ of the brand, technical specifications and more. In all this it is safe to say that the product edge between two comparable brands (be it within the Android ecosystem or between iOS and Android) is not so distinct. Hence, brands play up even the smallest of feature and dramatise the benefit. The need to create brand affinity is that more among Android phones compared to the iPhone as the former has a cluster of brands offering the same OS version but trying to differentiate on hardware specifications, build quality and their own design layer on top of Android. OnePlus, among the few brands with a huge fan following (others being Samsung and Mi in my view) has partnered with camera specialist brands Hasselblad for their next line of phones.

Hasselblad is a Swedish brand with strong credentials in professional photography and is associated with some iconic photographs. A new ad dramatises the night camera capabilities by equating it with the moon having descended on earth. It is a tough brief for the production company but they pull it off with elan. I guess the creative license of showing a relatively small sized moon and a gigantic, to-scale one makes for endearing situations (like the one where the moon is trying wriggle out of a tunnel) and engaging world of make-believe.

Agency: Mother, Shanghai

Zettle: made for more

‘More’ is something a lot of brands have promised: Guinness, Amex and erm…more. Who doesn’t want more for what they pay? Zettle, a payment system owned by PayPal brings that alive in a visually engaging film likely to strike a chord with small business owners who dream of making it big. The ice cream shop owner and the leap into the sky was a nice memorable touch.

T2: make up for everything

I bet all of us can identify with the visuals in this print campaign for T2, a brand specialising in tea and tea wares. We all have photographs from our childhood days reminding us of things our mothers had to put up with. And that makes it a perfect excuse to bring the brand in context for Mother’s Day. Loved it.

Agency: isobel

Cadbury: worldwide hide

Easter eggs in the context of software programmes are little surprises that a user is likely to stumble upon unwittingly. When such ‘discoveries’ happen it usually brings a smile. In a new initiative from Cadbury, Worldwide Hide, users are urged to place an easter egg on Google Maps for someone they love. The cryptic clue is then sent to the other person for them to ‘discover’ it. Nice blend of insight, technology, sentiment and interactive involvement.

Agency: VCCP

Ladbrokes: we’ve got a bet

Just when you think this is a montage of testimonials from people on what made them choose their partner in life, the twist in the tale brings a smile and reinforces the betting brand.

Agency: BBH

Tata Cliq: celebrity banter

There was something about the TV show ‘Koffee with Karan’ which made it popular among the largely English-speaking urban, upper-middle class segment in India. Perhaps that it was in English and featured stars indulging in gossip and some word play made it endearing to the audience. Tata Cliq, an e-commerce brand is trying to appeal to the urban audience with ads featuring the show’s host, Karan Johar and another favourite of this audience, Twinkle Khanna. The banter and innuendos are fun but the segue into the product is a bit forced perhaps. Nevertheless, a fun watch.

Agency: MullenLintas

Highkey: Adorable

Ryan Reynolds’ agency, Maximum Effort has done it again. They’ve created yet another engaging, entertaining commercial (after Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile and others) for Highkey, a snack brand with a promise of low carb and sugar. A character called Sugar Panda (superbly voiced by Ryan Reynolds) tries to tempt people with sugar-filled snacks only to be told that they have switched to Highkey. The ill-effects of too much sugar in our diet is also subtly brought about.

Agency: Maximum Effort

Lotto Max: art class

‘What are you going to do with all the money you are going to win?’ and ‘Hey, you never know – you maybe in luck’ are the two common themes in lottery brands in the west. A new ad for Lotto Max brings alive the former proposition with a ‘dream coach’ who guides people on visualising their dream of how they will spend their monies, better.

Agency: FCB

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