Scorsese & AT&T: the difference a perspective makes

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I am fascinated by the leap a creative mind take from a simple proposition. Very often, the brief given maybe simple, straightforward and crystal clear. But the creative leap is aided by seeing the same proposition from a different perspective. Case in point: mobile etiquette ads. Several phone companies have done these – in India, the Vodafone ones urging you not to take pictures with your mobile phone camera comes to mind.

A proposition like ‘mobile phones spoil the fun of movies’ may lead to interesting creative. But when the perspective is ‘we don’t interrupt your calls; don’t interrupt our movies’, you get this gem for AT&T, starring Martin Scorsese.

According to this, “In a recent survey of moviegoers throughout the United States, an overwhelming 93 percent reported that they either silenced their wireless phone, put it on vibrate or turned it off as a result of AT&T’s Be Sensible public service announcements.” The other 7% just departed? Bad pun.

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