Saif & Dhoni in Lays: separate program

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Have you noticed that in every Saif-Dhoni ad for Lays, both of them are never in the same frame? A function of production issues, I guess. Imagine having to figure out scripts and production details that don’t involve both your celebrities – at least in the same frame. Pity the creative team that has to work with such constraints. No wonder the new ads – ‘Shake’ and the other one where Saif & Dhoni are playing gully cricket with Chinese men seem so dekha hua.

Thankfully, ‘on the Internet nobody knows you are a dog‘ and such production issues aren’t a concern. Saif & Dhoni can be can come together, even if it’s for a fight. As I said earlier, the ‘fight’ offers a lot of scope to create buzz. While the site has all the mandatories if it were to be taken to a truly interactive level, it’d have been fun. On the Discussion Forum, there are 30-40 views on the two threads and 1 reply for each thread. While the idea of creating buzz over flavours using two celebs is great, has it lived up to the potential?

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  1. i agree….but more than lays….i think the royal stag commercial with saif and dhoni is more cool….what say?

  2. I didn’t find anything jaw dropping in the latest Lays commercial. I think Dhoni is best used in Brylcream and Saif in Asian Paints Royale! I agree with John, these 2 are better in the Stag one than the Lays…

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