IDEA’s ‘By the people’: for whom?

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The campaign for IDEA, hinged on social change, offers great possibilities for the brand to ‘walk the talk’. In the idea of the common man being a catalyst for social change they have a great partner in the Interactive medium. But the website seems like a way of ticking off the check boxes for a ‘surround campaign’.

On most connections in India, the TVC being played on the home page will buffer like hell. I went ahead and voiced my opinion about an issue that I would like public opinion on. I keyed in: ‘Should posters and banners of netas be disallowed?’. I then got the answer that 95% voted ‘Yes’. What next? Will such voices be taken to the authorities concerned? I guess not, because its too damn complicated.

Which brings me to the earlier point about the idea of social change can be milked till eternity but if it is backed by firm action, it will enhance the brand status to a great extent. But a website that is only meant to add support to a TVC in terms of having a presence in a medium is not doing justice to a great idea.

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