Blackberry Z10 new global campaign: Keep Moving

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What a difference a week makes. With the introduction of a new product which got largely positive reviews, a Super Bowl commercial and this new global ad, the cool quotient seems to be returning to Blackberry. I liked the ad it seamlessly showcases the Z10’s features and its got a unique ‘ownable’ look to it. Loved the track too.

Stephen Fry raved about the Blackberry Z10 too, in a recent article saying: I think the BB Z 10 (the virtual keyboard version) is one of the very very best gadgets I’ve ever played with. From the moment you slide your finger up and the gorgeous display fades subtly into view to the moment you pull down the little sleep curtain to reveal a pretty orange alarm clock, you are won over. It seems all the stars are aligned in the right places for Blackberry. What a great turnaround it will be if Z10 turns out to be a huge success.
photo credit: Official BlackBerry Images via photopin cc

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