TV ad made entirely of Vines: #BendTheRules of advertising

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I liked the central idea and the hashtag campaign of #BendTheRules for HP x360 as it is anchored on the product. Personally I thought the ‘stories’ of people who have achieved something extraordinary by ‘bending the rules’ was a tad disconnected as the product had nothing to do with those stories. Of course the benefit to the brand is through association but as a relatively new product this particular model had no role to play in those stories of achievers. Also, other computer brands have done campaigns associating the brand with achievers – Dell’s ‘Choose your own path‘ comes to mind.

The #BendTheRules is effective, however thanks to great use of social media. The hashtag is apt for Twitter as it leaves room for user participation & contribution and is linked to the brand property. According to Adweek: Robby Ayala, a Vine creator with 2.9 million followers who made two clips for HP, got more than 241,400 revines and 13,900 comments for his content.

HP did a clever thing by creating a montage of cool Vine videos into a 30-sec ad.

Via: Adweek

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