Land Rover, @easyJet and more: 7 top creative ads of the week

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November usually sees a surfeit of emotional ads. E-commerce and retail brands, especially from Europe, lead the pack with ads which tug at the heartstrings. Many of them are mega productions, high on the feel-good factor. The week ending November 29, 2019 saw a few of them including creative ads from Carrefour, Apple and more.

Land Rover: Discovery Towing Adventures

New advertising is old advertising at heart – as the fundamentals of communication have not and will not change. However, the environment in which advertising is seen has changed a lot and hence brands need to adapt to new platforms and formats.

Today, our social media timelines and online portals are full of well-produced, share-worthy memes, stories, videos and other content. A key aspect of brand communication is that it has to be as good as or better than the content that surrounds it.

The product demo is a popular format of advertising for decades. Instead of a 30-second ad, brands have resorted to stunts which demonstrate a claim. Remember ‘Epic Split’ featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme for Volvo Trucks? Along similar lines but not as dramatic but definitely funnier is a new 3-minute video for Land Rover Discovery. British comedian Jack Whitehall and his real-life dad feature in this shot in the style of their Netflix show ‘Travels With My Father’ to demonstrate the towing abilities of the Land Rover.

Agency: Spark44

easyJet: hide and seek

When I first saw this spot for easyJet Holidays while it did bring a smile, I thought it was a clever and visually engaging brochure of sorts – showcasing a variety of destinations. The ad uses hide & seek as a ruse to playfully take the viewer to many holiday spots aided by some slick editing and visual tricks.

Agency: VCCP

A static campaign brings alive the same hide & seek idea but would be apprarent to those who have seen the TVC I guess.

Apple: The Surprise

There is no twist in the tale in this ad from Apple. As soon as the grandfather is introduced one can guess the denouement. Yet the ad is compelling and evokes an emotion thanks to the great acting and perhaps the credibility of the situation.

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Staedtler: get to the point

Freelance copywriter Jamie Neal shared a set of ads for Staedtler highlighters. I am not sure if these were commissioned by the brand or are speculative ideas. Either way, they are brilliant. As the author says these are ‘inspired by an existing concept’.

Creative: Jamie Neal

Snickers: #SnickersGate

How confident must the brand be about its equity and the strength of the core idea to replace its own product with that of a competitor? Snickers did just that by placing Bounty inside their own packaging and triggering a negative reaction from the public. It all fits in with their long standing idea of ‘You are not you when you are hungry’ based on the universal truth that people act out of character when they are irritable due to in-between meal hunger.

Agency: CLM BBDO

Wallgreens: #TrueHolidayStory

In a break from holiday ads that get you teary eyed, Walgreens has created amusing ads featuring everyday chaotic holiday situations in the lives of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. The campaign features a thematic spot and shorter edits focusing on one situation.

Agency: Grey

Carrefour: 60 Christmases spent together

Heritage brands have an advantage: time. A 60-year old retail brand has seen many fads, inventions and trends which have shaped our lives. That is brought alive wonderfully in this compelling ad for Carrefour – the retail giant. Small touches like showcasing the popular trends from back in the days, the television sets from yesteryears and the same ‘joke’ every year add to the charm of the spot.

Agency: Publicis

Which one was your favourite? Do comment in.

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