Three Mobile: laddering benefit with wit and charm #holidayspam

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How often have we seen offer ads in the cluttered telecom category? Dry as a bone, most such ads attempt to highlight freebies like extra data, price-offs or add-ons like roaming. In this context, comes this charming little campaign from Three Mobile, UK. The background: a plan called ‘Three Feel At Home’ allows UK users to call and text back home and use data, at no extra cost, when in 16 countries abroad. Instead of merely limiting to announcing this, a brilliant #HolidaySpam campaign has been created. It includes a Holiday Spam Crisis Centre, several videos and a print campaign. Loved the laddering of offer to proposition to the creative idea.

There were several short videos highlighting the elements mentioned in the theme ad, each given a cute little name: Hot Dog Legs, TSD (Travel Selfie Disorder) and so on.

Also loved the print ads:

[1GM - 12]  SUN/PAGES/NEWS... 07/07/14
64189_Plane Wings 2

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London

And oh, there’s even a brochure on how to cure the Travel Selfie Disorder [pdf].

A campaign with wit & charm. Loved it.

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