Nexus: Ask Me Anything – more show, less tell

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If you go by the discussions on tech blogs, you’d be led to believe that that the average consumer is obsessed with tech specs. Sure, most consumers want to be seen as rational buyers who extract  maximum value for money and choosing brands which are most ‘feature-rich’. That’s true of mobile phones, consumer durables and gadgets.

But the trend in advertising for such gadgets is to appeal at an emotional level. They focus more on showing what a gadget can do, rather than listing out a laundry list of features. A host of ads for Apple, including the one for iPad Mini and the recent Windows 8 ad come to mind. The ad for Google’s latest Nexus devices does that pretty well. Of course, the earlier ads for Google Nexus were also along similar lines. And so were the ads for Siri. Ahem.

Agency: Mullen

The juxtaposition of a straightforward ‘ask me anything’ with quirky questions does bring a smile. And its all about visually showcasing what’s on offer (‘your connection to the best of Google—all of your stuff and entertainment, everywhere you go with no hassle’) in an intriguing way. Let the flame wars on ppi and LTE be reserved for the geeks. What say?

photo credit: Louish Pixel via photopin cc

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