Center Fresh: this works harder

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The new ad for Center Fresh brings in a nice twist to the ‘Zubaan pe lagaam’ (‘zip your mouth’) concept. They faltered in my opinion with the last one, but this one scores high on involvement. The build up is the typical Government ad made familiar during several election campaigns. It has the feel of the documentary films one was exposed to in cinema halls as a kid. The twist in showing what the characters were actually up to is full of ‘laugh out loud’ moments. The banal conversations they indulge in, is a nice contrast to the build up.

Center Fresh from Campaign India on Vimeo.

Some questions remain though. I understand that this category fatigue sets in fast and so fresh renditions of creatives is a must. But 3 different routes – ‘your motor mouth could land you in trouble’, it ‘zips the mouth but hands can speak’ and this new one about ‘talk less, do more’) on the same idea in as many years? Abroad too, impulse purchase led categories indulge in big budget, jaw-dropping productions for TV or viral. But the ones that I find most endearing are the simple, short ones like the old Polo, ‘Mint with the hole’  ads (‘Endearmint’) and some of M&M ads. I am also biased towards ads with a story, like this old classic for Nestle Rolo. Nevertheless, memorable ad for Center Fresh. Enough talk, back to work now.

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