Privacy on the iPhone, Volkswagen Touareg: top creative ads of the week

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Apple has doubled down on promoting privacy on the iPhone for years now. The benefit presented is in contrast to the Google ecosystem where advertising revenue garnered through user’s personal data is the business model. A new ad dramatises the pitfalls of the ‘other’ ecosystem in the context of health data.

Privacy on the iPhone: the Waiting Room

It’s quite likely that we all must have witnessed an instance of data ‘tracking’ us across the web. Apart from seeing ads which chase us across the web based on our web search, we may also have heard of people referring to their conversations at home or commands to voice-enabled devices forming the basis of what they see on social media sites or on the web. Apple has dramatised the pit falls of your private data being known to others in a new ad in the context if health data. A clinic’s waiting room is the perfect setting for the ‘voice of God’ technique to embarrass individuals by publicly proclaiming their quirks or ailments – until the Apple Health app is opened. Loved it.

Bridgestone: lane changing song

I love it when brands exploit the advantages of a medium – be it in print, outdoor or radio. A new initiative from Bridgestone in the UAE is a smart use of radio beyond a jingle or a conventional radio spot. In order to raise awareness about the risks of erratic change of lanes while driving on expressways, a jingle was created and played across channels at the same time. So when people switched radio stations the jingle struck a chord and drove home the message.

Agency: Serviceplan

Volkswagen Touareg: Laundromat

Can a product’s benefits create unexpected negative consequences for some? The premise presents lots of creative possibilities as demonstrated in this ad for Volkswagen Touareg. It’s parking assistant which helps drivers manoeuvre cramped parking spaces ends up causing disappointment to some. Find out who in this charming ad.

Apple TV+: Prehistoric Planet murals

Outdoor isn’t just a vinyl or a digital 3-D billboard. Sometimes a spectacular outdoor installation grabs the headlines. To mark Season 2 of Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+, artist David Popa created drawings of some pre-historic creatures on vast swathes of land across the world.

DaMENSCH: grown up boxers

It is said that many successful brands identify an ‘enemy’ in order to dramatise or convey a benefit. In the case of DaMENSCH’s range of ‘sober’ boxers the ‘enemy’ is the quirky boxer shorts – the ones with funny characters printed on it. Those wearing such are portrayed as jokers and are asked to grow up to ‘adult boxers’. The ‘credits’ are a nice touch.

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