My list of 18 Essential iPhone Apps 2013

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The top 3 articles on why we love lists are : A list of reasons why our brain loves lists, 8 reasons why we love end-of-the year lists and The 5 Best Articles About Why We Love Writing Lists. Since it is the season for lists- Best of, Top Ten, Bottom Ten etc., here is my list of Essential iPhone Apps of 2013. These are not necessarily launched in 2013 (some may have been) but apps which I either use most often or mighty glad whenever I use them on the iPhone. These apps are over and above the stock Apple apps and popular news apps like Flipboard and Zite.


DayOne: the best in class journaling app for me. I wish I used it more often than I do. Just like FlipBoard, every update brings in awesome new features, so the app has really got better and better over time.

Moves: Voted the Best of 2013, by Apple. Need we say more.

Sleep CycleA bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase. While there are many in this category now, I find Sleep Cycle easiest to use, most informative and well-presented.

iAWriter: I love using iAWriter the most on my Mac, but I find the easy cloud syncing across devices a great feature to review & edit documents. The focused, minimal interface (and that font!) makes it even more attractive.

Coursera: better listen to subscribed courses while on the move than play a silly game, right? Lovely iOS 7 optimised interface.

Wally: have tried many personal finance apps. Wally comes closest to the perfect one for me. I love the location based prompts to enter expenses (Wally remembers!) and budget-setting as an option and not default.

Quizzitive: A Merriam-Webster Word Game. The goal is to master “1000 Words Worth Knowing” – words selected by Merriam-Webster editors to challenge, intrigue, and contribute to a powerful vocabulary.

QuizUp: The biggest trivia game in the world. Its been in the news of late for securing $22mn in VC funding

Clumsy Ninja: the most hapless ninja ever to grace a touchscreen. Unbelievable sophistication and smoothness in display of characters and movements. 

Mustbin: The best way to securely capture, organize and share your vital information and treasured moments.

Keepy: lets you organise, enhance, share, admire and save the awesome stuff kids create.  So whether it is a greeting card your daughter creates for you or a Lego she assembles, capture them all.  Love the age-wise progress shown in the app

1Password: ‘have you forgotten a password?’ is the simple tagline. Mighty useful.

Ember: Take a photo of some typography you love, a screenshot of your favourite app, or import photos from your Camera Roll. Ember makes it incredibly easy to capture, organize and share the things that inspire you. It is meant to work best as a companion app to the Ember Mac app.

IFTTT: unbelievably cool app. Lots of jaw dropping ‘recipes’ available to delight you. ‘Export your tweets as a Google spread sheet’? I will take that.

Radium: gorgeous internet radio app

Songza: not available on the iTunes India Store, you can get this from the US store. By far the best mood-based playlist suggestion app there is. Love the playlist categories and the songs they play.

WikiWeb: beautiful spider-web like interpretation of Wikipedia data. Interesting to see the inter-related articles for a key word.

FlightRadar24: you may have no reason to track the flights over Tokyo right now, but you will end up doing it. Very addictive.

Secretly, I am glad that many of these (like DayOne, IFTTT and Clumsy Ninja) are iOS-only, though it maybe a matter of time before some of them choose to go on Android too.

Anything I missed? Do comment in.

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  1. Hadn’t heard of few of the apps mentioned till now. Will try out. Thanks. Surprised you missed out true caller.

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