Kurkure’s Desi Beats: didn’t strike a chord

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I don’t know why there is so much hoo-haa about the new Kurkure ad featuring Kareena Kapoor. It didn’t work for me at all. OK, this urge to ‘connect with the youth’ is everyone’s mantra but for me, this attempt seems forced. I could be wrong, but is the Cinderella story so easily recognized by the youth of India, to warrant a desi twist? But that’s not my main grouse. To me, Kurkure  has been a desi brand always. So why this new platform? The ad seems like just ‘one among the many’ who have attempted to either connect with the youth or go desi. And what’s with equating desi with Kailash Kher type songs or mouthing Haryanvi? For me, the blokes in the Vodafone Conference Call ad were truly desi – that’s how urban Indian kids spoke and it connected. Can’t say the same about this Desi Beat.

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